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Webinar - Social Selling for Hotels - LinkedIn, Twitter & Blogs

In this webinar we will harness the power of LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs to facilitate an integrated sales approach in ways you may never have thought of before

Carol Verret It is apparent that social selling has arrived when Geoffrey Gitomer has a new book out on the subject! As well a recent survey of 1,000 sales people worldwide by OgilvyOne indicated that 73% of Chinese sales professionals thought Social Media was important to their success while only 27% of US respondents indicated the same.   (Social Commerce Today in December 2010)

“Social selling represents a paradigm shift in the way sales people conduct their sales processes,” says Carol Verret. “Axel Schultze and Andy Rudin put it so well in the subtitle of their white paper entitled “The Principle of Social Selling” subtitled “Not Your Father’s Sales Process -- Social Selling Changes Everything”.   

In this webinar we will harness the power of LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs to facilitate an integrated sales approach in ways you may never have thought of before.  

Positioning Your’s and the Hotel’s Profiles:  Profiles are not just about information they also need to be designed so that you both can be found when potential prospects are looking.  We will explore how to that and the benefits. 

Maximizing your Influence on LinkedIn
:   We know how important groups and discussions are on LinkedIn but there are many more ways to exhibit influence and expertise on LinkedIn.  We also look at  how to measure your effectiveness on LinkedIn to attract prospects. 

Prospecting on LinkedIn
.  How to use LinkedIn to find new prospects, qualify and approach them.  When do you take the conversation offline and how to nurture leads on LinkedIn.

:   You probably know how to promote your room deals on LinkedIn but we will also be exploring how to use Twitter in getting competitive intelligence and other market recognizance. 

:   Blogs were identified as equal to both LinkedIn and Facebook as a source of new clients and leads in a survey (February, 2010)   We will discuss content on your blog and how to position it as a client attractor on the web site, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This webinar should be attended by hotel sales people, anyone in involved in content development for social media, revenue managers and General Managers.  At the end of the program participants will be able to use LinkedIn, twitter and blogs as effective tools in the sales process. 

The webinar will be on July 28 at 1pm EDT, Noon CDT, 11:00am MDT and 10am PDT.  The fee is $99 per connection or $89 per connection for multiple registrations from the same hotel or management company.  This webinar will be recorded and each participant will receive the recording. Click Here to Register.

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