Webinar - Hotel Energy Savings - Window Conservation

Join EcoGreenHotel and Huper Optik to discuss 'Window Film Applications in the Hospitality Industry'

EcoGreen Energy Solutions Window conservation technologies are increasingly being recommended by leading hotel facility directors as the first step in "Greening" your hotel! 

The Huper Optik films are one of the best ways to seal the envelope of a building. These ceramic window films are virtually clear, reduce energy usage year round and offer maximum protection against fading of furniture, carpets, paint, etc. The films can also help gain up to 8 points towards LEED certification and qualify for rebates in many states. The webinar is on Wednesday, November 14th, 2:00-3:00 PM (EST) and will be led by Andrew Sabados, Jr. Andy is on the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) executive board and lectures worldwide on window films and LEED Certification.

  • Window Film Technologies
  • Rebates and Incentives
  • Return on Investment
  • Hotel Leaders Implementing Window Films
  • LEED Points
  • Questions and Answers
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About EcoGreenHotel

EcoGreenHotel LLC (Knoxville, TN) is a privately held company dedicated to helping lodging facilities addresses a broad spectrum of sustainability issues. EcoGreenHotel provides customized consulting services tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry in the areas of energy efficiency and certifications, including LEED, Green Seal and Energy Star, For further information, email info@EcoGreenHotel.com or call 888-229-0213.

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