Oracle Hospitality 'Power Up' Simphony 2017 Promotion

'Power Up' with Simphony Standard Cloud POS and Oracle MICROS Workstation 610

Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality is pleased to announce the launch of the Oracle Hospitality “Power Up” Simphony 2017 Promotion. This limited time promotion brings the sleek and durable Oracle MICROS Workstation 610 and Oracle Hospitality Simphony Standard Cloud Service to existing qualified Oracle Hospitality customers at an affordable price. 

Find out if you’re eligible: 

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What is the offer?

This promotion recognizes our loyal customers by providing value for their existing Oracle investment (aging POS hardware and software) and gives them an easy path to obtain the next generation cloud hospitality platform.  

In short, we want to give existing customers the opportunity upgrade their POS platforms to the newest in Oracle hardware and software, while rewarding their loyalty with a price incentive. 

Does my business qualify? 

In order to qualify for this promotion, customers must meet the following eligibility conditions: 

1)     Must be an existing Oracle MICROS customer using one of the following point-of-sale systems:

  1. Oracle Hospitality RES 3700
  2. Oracle Hospitality 9700 POS
  3. Oracle Hospitality e7 POS

2)     Must be replacing two or more of the following POS hardware platforms:

  1. Oracle MICROS Workstation 3, 4, 4LX, 5, or 5a (CE or POSReady models)
  2. Oracle MICROS Keyboard Workstation, Keyboard Workstation 4, and Keyboard Workstation 270
  3. Oracle MICROS PC Workstation 2010, 2015 and Eclipse
  4. Oracle MICROS 2000 Series, 4000 Series hardware
  5. Oracle MICROS Windows 8.1 E-Series (8” or 11”) tablets, R-Series tablets
  6. MICROS Branded Handheld Terminals (those with MICROS badges on them) à for example: MC-55, MC-55a, MC-70, PPT8846 

How will this upgrade benefit my business? 

The Simphony “Power-Up” offer will benefit your business with:

  • A modern POS system for fast, efficient guest service and simplified staff training
  • A full package to help you improve kitchen management, control your labor and inventory costs, and add loyalty programs
  • Improved reporting – take control of your business with better visibility of sales and profits
  • Stylish new workstations that facilitate fantastic guest service
  • The chance to save money by moving to cloud technology – reduced IT cost, no more upgrades, and no computer servers taking up space in your locations 

How do I get in touch with Oracle about this offer? 

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting offer, visit

We look forward to speaking to you very soon. If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact us at

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