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Free EBook - Creating Passion-Driven Teams

Get the inside scoop on the secrets of success that motivate teams to top performance.
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Creating Passion-Driven Teams


Get the inside scoop on the secrets of success that motivate teams to top performance. 

Can passion be taught? Can it be fostered? The answer is yes. A team leader must create the right conditions for passion to emerge. In the matrix of workplace roles and responsibilities, managers are pivotal to corporate success.

Learn from Dan Bobinski, who draws from 20 years of consulting experience, extensive studies of best practices, and the latest in neuroscience research. You’ll learn the principles and methods top managers use to develop passionate, engaged employees who are dedicated to success. You’ll be able to:

  • Motivate without manipulating
  • Turn mistakes into a fervent drive for quality
  • Equip teams to enthusiastically adapt to change 
  • Create environments in which people strive for excellence
  • And more

Today’s workforce requires managers to be more than just a person in charge. Utilize this eBook to tap your team’s natural motivations and achieve consistent, sustained top performance.

Free offer expires 11/15/17.

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