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Jobs Rated Almanac More information Than Anywhere
Reviewer: Robert Matson from California
Since I have a number of career books in my personal library, I can attest to this as being the book that is most likely to have information you can't find elsewhere, even though some might not be useful to all. For example, the book has information on some not-so hot jobs, like barber, or plumber but it also has some of newer high tech jobs, as ell as traditional professions (I.e. attorneys, financial planers etc) Krantz has amassed information on the whole occupational universe, including the hardest to find. He has not just salaries, but what you can expect to earn if you are very successful in each of the 250 jobs the book profiles. The book also addresses important but overlooked aspects of each job and has a whole chapter about the various stress components of each job. Unlike other job guides, this one even informs you what kinds of companies, coworkers and peers you are likely to have fun you choose a particular occupation. One of the things I like best is the book's organization, which allows you to compare every job aspect, from salaries to weekly hours worked with all the other jobs in the book.

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