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Designing With Light : Hotels

Designing With Light : Hotels 11 13/16 x 8 1/4 170 color and 5 black-and-white illustrations US Distribution only interior design Dictated by function and use, lighting choices vary considerably for each area in a hotel, and professional designers must carefully assess use before selecting and implementing lighting schemes. Hotels takes us into such world-renowned hotels as the Mondrian in Los Angeles, The Legian in Bali, Hotel Square in Paris, and the Chicago Beach Hotel in Dubai to demonstrate how their many-faceted needs are met. In lobbies, image and atmosphere are of paramount importance, for example. Suites where both business meetings and grand celebrations are held demand flexible lighting choices. On the practical side, energy-saving design is a critically important factor for hotels operating around the clock. Covering these and other aspects of lighting, Hotels offers a technical introduction to lighting basics, and features high-quality photos, lighting plans, diagrams, and a comprehensive glossary.

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