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Keys to Buying Foreclosed and Bargain Homes

Keys to Buying Foreclosed and Bargain Homes Concise and easy to read
Reviewer: A reader from Austin, Texas USA
This book is wonderful for the novice trying to learn about the business of investing in real estate. There is not a wasted word in this book and each chapter is only 2-3 pages long so it can be read inbetween commericals during a movie. I read over half the book during one movie.

There are helpful checklists and nuggets of suggestions that should help anyone wanting to buy a house or an investment such as Exhibit 1 showing how prices tend to change according to the season and the General Checklist to apply to any property you are considering buying. There are addresses for all the Hud offices in the US. There are tables to calculate mortgage payments based on the interest rate and there is an excellent explaination of the foreclosure process.

This a nugget of a book written in an extrememly readable and digestable manner. It may be a little too basic for experienced real estate investors but it is perfect for those just starting to learn the subject. I wish I had this book when I bought my first house and anyone facing foreclosure could benefit from reading it as well to understand the process.

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