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The Modern-Day Service Professional : Succeeding in the Hospitality Industry

The Modern-Day Service Professional : Succeeding in the Hospitality Industry Book Description
Drawing on over 25 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry and formal educations in business and psychology, Felstead and Moran use actual case examples combined with research to teach success strategies on these topics and more:
* Customer Service
* Teamwork
* Stress Management
* Dealing with Unsatisfied Customers
* Communication
* Ethics and Professional Conduct
* Serving Alcohol Responsibly

The Modern-Day Service Professional is a must-read for anyone wishing to succeed in the hospitality industry. Whether you are a waitperson who wants to earn more money and feel better about yourself or a manager who wants to increase sales and communicate more effectively with the employees, this book will teach you tools for success!

About the Author
David Moran has over fifteen years' experience in the service industry. Eleven of those years have been with one of the world's leaders, the Marriott Corporation. David has been thoroughly trained in world-class customer service, total quality management, customer/employee loyalty, product knowledge, responsible serving, diversity in the work-place, and many other areas.

David also has an earned AS degree in Science from College of the Desert, Palm Desert, California, and a BA in Psychology...

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