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Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships

Whale Done! The Power of Positive Relationships GREAT LITTLE BOOK - HIGHLY INTRIGUING!
Reviewer: petersmaclean from Prince Edward Island, Canada
Positive thinking can be a powerful emotion, and that is the message revealed in this book. By researching whales as Sea World and studying their habits and emotional responses, the authors were able to apply their findings to human behaviour. Building trust, banishing negative behaviour and focusing on the positive can build strong relationships both at home and in the workplace. The book was extremely intriguing and some of the similarities between whales and the human species were both astonishing and inspirational. That, however should not surprise us. Animals in the wild do not need parenting classes or family counsellors to stress the importance of loyalty, harmony, commitment and family trust. Just as the authors have used methods of training animals, they have applied what they have learned to their personal lives to strenghten family relationships and increase productivity in the workplace without demoralizing people. That is quite an accomplishment! The book is well worth reading and most deserving of a five star rating.

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