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301 More Ways to Have Fun at Work

301 More Ways to Have Fun at Work FANTASTIC!
Reviewer: frickta from New York, NY-United States
Can't understand what the others are bellyaching about-I found this to be a quick entertaining read that was full of great ideas and suggestions. Unlike the multitude of other books about fostering fun and creativity in the workplace that try to pretend that they are speaking of a finely-tuned science with complex procedures-this book says it like it is-it's just fun!
If you need an in-depth how-to book to have fun at work, trust me, this is the least of your problems.
I took the suggestions for the obstacle course race and we had a fantastic time in my office-everyone came out of their shells (cubicles rather) and joined in the fun...there were people there that I didn't even know had a sense of humor...
If you are looking for some long-winded analytical study of the concept of fun at work for the sake of fostering productivity and morale go elsewhere-this is just simple fun, fun to read, fun ideas, and fun to practice...

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