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Asset Forfeiture: A Law Enforcement Perspective

Asset Forfeiture: A Law Enforcement Perspective Book Description
Asset Forfeiture reviews the myriad statutes, rules, regulations, confusing and often contradictory judicial decisions, and detailed processes to outline forfeiture procedures for law enforcement administrators, investigators, and officers. The text consists of three principal sections: the development of modern asset forfeiture policy, asset forfeiture law, and administering forfeiture programs. The first section contains five chapters tracing the history of forfeiture in the United States. These chapters include a brief review of forfeiture history and policy, non-judicial forfeiture procedures, civil forfeiture procedures, criminal forfeiture procedures, and state forfeiture processes. The twelve chapters on forfeiture law in the second section discuss several federal forfeiture statutes as they pertain to different law enforcement topics: auto theft, copyright infringement, drug abuse and prevention, espionage, explosives and firearms, gambling, immigration! , the Internal Revenue Code, money laundering, pornography, and racketeering. The third section concerning administration of forfeiture programs, contains three chapters, which include seizing assets, establishing probable cause, and managing forfeiture programs. This unique book is designed to introduce the criminal justice student or the neophyte practitioner to the complexities of forteiture law and procedures. It promotes the aggressive but judicial use of asset forfeiture as a crime-fighting tool, and it advocates the conservative use of forfeited property to further clearly defined law enforcement policies.

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