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Overcoming the Customer Service Syndrome: A Practical Guide to Managing Customer Service

Overcoming the Customer Service Syndrome: A Practical Guide to Managing Customer Service Author's Preface

After reading this book, you will never feel the same about Service Professionals. They are pivotal in making or breaking
customer relationships. However, being a Service Professional has never been more difficult. In many service organizations, the
gap is widening between what they can deliver and what customers expect. Many Service Professionals are quitting their jobs.
Many more, under fire from disgruntled customers, are experiencing unprecedented stress. We call this phenomenon the
Customer Service Syndrome (CSS).

Overcoming CSS requires service businesses to drastically rethink how service professionals fit into the profit equation. They
will discover that people who serve others are of paramount importance and are often significantly under-valued and

The purpose of this book is to provide strategies and tactics for combating CSS. Delivering consistent, quality service requires
the reeducation of customers about service and the role of service professionals. There is a need to approach the management
of the service system in creative and productive new ways. The readers will learn how to create a comfortable customer service
climate in which Service Professionals are encouraged to use their talents and expertise.

This holistic book offers unique and useful guidance on the management of service expectations and experiences. It also
discusses how to hire, train, support, and retain Service Professionals as well how to empower them to excel. The last chapter is a 28-day service journal for each reader's growth in awareness and understanding of customer service issues. We wish you all a successful journey through life.

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