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American Floor Mats

American Floor Mats Entrance Floor Mats, Door Rugs, Walk-off Mats, Custom Logo Mats, Indoor/Outdoor Runner Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats/Comfort Mats, Gym Mats, Desk Chair Mats, Anti-Static Mats, Recessed Matting, Kitchen Mats, Oriental Entrance Mats, Waterhog Mats, Bathroom Mats

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American Floor Mats
5862 Hubbard Drive
Rockville, MD 20852
301-231-6538 (fax)

American Floor Mats has been in business for over 25 years, providing risk management products.

We specialize in:

- Entrance Mats/Walk-off Mats
- Logo Mats
- Runner Mats
- Anti-Fatigue Mats
- Gym, Shower & Locker Room Mats
- Desk Chair Mats
- Recessed Matting
- Kitchen Mats
- Anti-Static Mats/Non-Conductive Mats
- Bathroom Mats / Urinal Mats
- Clean Room Sticky Mats
- Oriental Entrance Mats
- Waterhog Mats
We also supply risk-management products including:
- Wet Umbrella Bag Stands
- Elevator Wall Pads
- Stair Treads
- Wall & Corner Guards
- Crowd Control (Posts + Ropes and Tensa-Barriers)
- Stands and Custom Signage
- Trash Receptacles and Smoking Urns
- Umbrella Racks
- Bellman Carts

You can visit our site to see a complete offering.

Because we have been around for so long, we would be more than happy to provide references. Thank you for the opportunity to earn YOUR business.