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IPPWORLD - Transcreation & Global Content Management Promotion of travel or hospitality products to international markets needs content in multiple languages. But, translation alone isn’t enough — you need focused-transcreation — translation infused with creative writing — to deliver that emotional connection in native languages. With transcreation, your messages aren’t just translated; they’re transformed to hit the right notes in every language.

With more than 20 years of providing multilingual content solutions to international clientele and global digital media agencies, IPPWORLD is well-poised to assist travel and hospitality Clients springboard their global branding and content marketing initiatives with transcreated messages in multiple languages — to inspire target audiences and beckon for a call-to-action. IPPWORLD can help you provide distinct publicity campaigns across language barriers — with the same punch as in their original language.
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Headquarters: Singapore

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Branch: Mauritius

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A Singapore registered company established in 1994, with a core business in providing professional translation and content localization for websites, print artworks and multimedia assets. Our fundamentals were derived through years of collaborating with marcom teams as well as media consultants in various disciplines. Key to IPPWORLD’s accomplishments is the management of dedicated project teams and native content editors who are working cohesively with pre-qualified linguistic professionals based locally and around the world - collectively delivering a host of multicultural content development solutions.

The company offers turnkey services that include: assisting clients strategize on localization initiatives; reviewing and simplifying source contents that may be too complex to be adapted; resolving issues that are inherent or bequeathed during project development; managing location-based activities; implementing multi-level quality measures from pre- and post-project reviews; establishing client’s terminology preferences; customizing and managing Translation Memory (TM) and dedicated technical glossaries; as well as archiving multiple format contents and project file assets. Examples of unique processes and procedures adopted by IPPWORLD, are:

  • Extraction of source texts from various content applications, verify appropriateness, proof and prepare ready as Source for translation.

  • Simplifying texts for clarity due to content satire, ambiguities, use of slang, etc. that may not be easily understood by translators or simply not translatable due to cultural or vernacular reasons.

  • Familiarizing with client’s corporate branding strategy, terminology preferences and target audience perspectives, with a view to create derivative language versions that are in sync with the Source objective and purpose, as well as are relevant and culturally sensitive to their target audiences.

  • Providing the most appropriate translations for Meta Tags (titles, keywords and descriptions) to capitalize on SEO and complimenting client’s SEM strategy.

  • Copywriting and copyediting in foreign languages, to improve tone-of-voice or tweak contents to suit the natural perception of its “new” target readers.

  • Understanding content management systems deploy by clients, with a view to develop ‘mirror’ versions of existing or new contents, effectively managing revisions and updates.

  • Identifying solutions to solve left to right texts display entropy, coefficient of variations in different language texts space, improper text breaks that rendered words or phrases meaningless, etc.

With greater cross-culture exchanges between businesses in traditional and non-traditional markets, as well as introduction of new technological devices, translation and multicultural content localization will pose an even greater challenge from a wider spectrum of cross-language combinations and IT platforms. IPPWORLD will embrace a holistic approach to reinforce its expertise and capabilities, so as to remain relevant to the changes and the trends that are constantly evolving in our world.