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No One Orders Hotel Room Service Anymore: Here's Why - Food & Wine

Excerpt from Food & Wine

The industry trade journal Restaurant Hospitality recently dug into this new era of hotel room service. Interestingly enough, money is a concern for both guests and hoteliers. Needless to say, room service menus have a reputation for being grossly overpriced, but at the same time, running in-house dining is extremely expensive for a hotel as well. “[Hotels are] just not seeing the return on this anymore,” Alex Susskind, associate professor of food-and-beverage management at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, was quoted as saying. “It’s expensive to maintain and the quality is hard to keep up. They are backing off, but not just deserting guests.”

Instead, some hotels have been solving this problem by latching onto another modern dining trend: an appreciation of eating local, especially while traveling. As a result, many of these hotels are turning to what Restaurant Hospitality called “restaurant delivery as amenity”—partnering with local eateries to offer in-room dining menus that are similar to what travelers could order at the restaurant.

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