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Is the Hotel Luxury Dead? - Multibriefs

Excerpt from Multibriefs

Whats in a name? A luxury hotel by any other name is still luxurious, right? No longer, it seems, in todays hospitality industry.

When hotel discount brokers offer "luxury" accommodations at $49 a night, as occurred during the recent Independence Day holiday, does the word "luxury" have any useful meaning?

Those in the industry who want to appeal to the wealthy and sophisticated traveler are upping their game and moving beyond traditional standards of luxury.

According to a recent article on the lifestyle portal Star2, worldwide many in the upper echelons of the hospitality industry are now shunning the word "luxury" altogether.

One reason is that, as in retail, the word has become "inflationary," and thus rather meaningless as a marketing or branding label. Another is that todays travelers have different views about what constitutes "luxury," so the word conjures up different perceptions for different kinds of guests.

So, what defines "luxury" today? Leaders in the industry use words like exclusivity, anonymity, lifestyle, and wellness. Insiders refer to the formula UX + LUX.

That is, user experience plus luxury (in the traditional sense of splendid design, outstanding amenities, and unparalleled service). The "e" word ("experience") comes up a lot. But even the concept of "experience" is changing as more hotel chains attempt to imitate what the more exclusive properties are offering.

The fact is, for todays most discerning business and holiday travelers, the LUX side of the equation is taken for granted. What differentiates one exclusive property from another is the UX half. That can take a variety of forms.

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