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NH Hotel Group Adds Two Nhow Hotels in Belgium and Italy

Nhow Milan Hotel - Courtyard
NH Hotel Group Adds Two nhow Hotels in Belgium and Italy

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The Company plans to rebrand the existing NH Brussels Bloom (Brussels) and NH Collection Vittorio Veneto (Rome) as nhow hotels. Coupled with the nhow hotels already open and the others in the pipeline, the brand will soon have 11 hotels in Europe and Latin America

nhow in Belgium

  • The future nhow in Brussels, located in an exceptional building owned by Pandox (a leading European hotel property company), will open its 305 rooms under the new brand during the second half of 2019. The concept underpinning the design plans is to unleash the creativity of its visitors by breaking down the barriers between art gallery and hotel

nhow in Italy

  • The Group will have two nhow hotels in Italy when it opens this hotel in Rome in early 2020. Its 199 rooms and common areas will take a modern and ground-breaking view of the grandeur and legacy of the imperial city, and of its excesses and vanities

Two of Europe's most cosmopolitan destinations, Brussels and Rome, have been selected by NH Hotel Group for the ongoing expansion of  nhow, the Company's most avant-garde and ground-breaking hotel brand.

The existing NH Brussels Bloom and NH Collection Vittorio Veneto hotels, located in Brussels and Rome, respectively, will be rebranded as nhow establishments following renovations designed to stimulate, surprise and inspire their visitors.

nhow in Belgium

The country's début nhow hotel will occupy an exclusive property owned by Pandox (a leading European hotel property company), located in a lively area in the centre of Brussels close to the Botanical Garden.

The 305 rooms in the existing NH Brussels Bloom will be turned into a genuine Art Hotel: the new design aims to recast the attitudes and language of artists through a contemporary and renovated lens. A space where the new idiom, resources and codes of the world of modern art fuse to unleash creativity. A hotel where it will be possible to watch artistic creation live or rooms that will be like a blank canvas. The design concept for this hotel seeks to preserve the essence of a building that has oozed art and creativity since its origins, having served as a forum for expression for many a budding artist. The new nhow hotel in Brussels, half hotel, half contemporary art gallery, aspires to become a mandatory stop in the city's intense artistic ecosystem. The plan is to reopen the hotel under the nhow brand during the second half of 2019.


nhow in Italy

Following in the footsteps of the eclectic nhow in Milan, the Group plans to open a second nhow hotel in Italy in early 2020 in the timeless city of Rome.

The central NH Collection Vittorio Veneto, owned by NH Hotel Group, will see its 199 rooms and spaces reformulated to reinterpret the imperial city and its importance centuries on, from a present-day, disruptive and anachronistic viewpoint. A revised look back at the empire's majesty, grandeur and legacy, but also at its excesses and vanities.  A timeless city seen through the lens of a contemporary brand. 

nhow presence

The city of Marseille welcomed nhow's début hotel in France last September. Perched on the Corniche waterfront in one of the Mediterranean's most stunning bays, the building housing the new nhow Marseille has been fully refurbished by the Marseille-based architects and representatives of SHPB (Société Hôtelière du Palm Beach), Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefèvre, and Italian architect, Teresa Sapey. The hotel, with its 150 rooms, notably including a 130 m² penthouse suite, rounds out its guest proposition with three bars, a restaurant, spa, swimming pool, 14 meeting rooms with capacity for over 400 people and a 322-seat auditorium.

Elsewhere, at an event held in September in The Netherlands, the brand gave a first glimpse into the interior design planned for the upcoming nhow Amsterdam RAI, which is expected to open its doors in early 2020. With 650 rooms over 25 floors and a height of 91 metres, the nhow Amsterdam RAI will be the largest newly built hotel in the Benelux region. NH Hotel Group is moving this project forward together with its partners, the real estate developer COD and the world-famous firm of architects OMA, founded by Rem Koolhaas. The architectural structure of the building under construction comprises three triangular prisms pointing in different directions, symbolising the diversity that characterises the past, present and future of the city of Amsterdam.

The interior design takes its inspiration from the six cardinal points to which the building's corners point: South, East, North, South West, South East and NorthWest. Themes as varied as Amsterdam's Golden Age, Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations, India's mandalas and Japan's cherry blossoms will converge in this universal destination.  

The nhow brand is already a reference point for the most avant-garde cultural, social and artistic currents in four globalised international big cities in constant flux. Milan, Berlin, Rotterdam and Marseille already have their own nhow-branded establishments, while the chain's pipeline includes projects currently under development in Brussels, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Santiago de Chile and Lima.

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