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Authorized Biography of Bill Marriott Shares Never-Before-Published Stories

Bill Marriott
Authorized Biography of Bill Marriott Shares Never-Before-Published Stories

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From a root beer stand to the largest hotel chain in the world, Bill Marriott was the driving force behind the growth of the world-famous Marriott hotel company. Bill Marriott: Success Is Never Final is the remarkable story of a man who had the vision to create a multi-billion-dollar business, who understands the power of giving through substantial philanthropic work, and who lives the creed that hard work will pay off but success is never final.

Readers will learn the fascinating details about the successes and failures of Bill’s business ventures and relate to his challenges of balancing roles as a CEO, a husband and father, and a man of faith. He shares details about his private struggles with his father's chronic harsh criticism; his innovations in the hotel industry; and the boundless passion and energy he demonstrated for his work, family, and faith. Read an excerpt:

“Success is Never Final helps me to understand Bill's success as a competitor and as one of the most remarkable businessmen of our times,” said Tom Pritzker, Executive Chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corp. “For two generations we have viewed Bill Marriott as one of our most able competitors. Over time, some of the words that have come to mind are frustrating, vexing, and even maddening! But standing back, Bill challenged us and that helped make us better.”

Bill Marriott: Success Is Never Final was written by Dale Van Atta, a New York Times best-selling author and journalist who has been nominated five times for the Pulitzer Prize. He co-authored the world's most widely-syndicated news column with Jack Anderson reaching 50 million readers. He has been published in numerous other national publications and has written several books.

In 2018, Shadow Mountain Publishing traveled to Lake Winnipesaukee, NH, and interviewed Bill at his lake house along with several family members. Video excerpts from those interviews can be watched at

On the blog, Bill recently stated regarding his biography, “Over the decades, I’ve learned you have to trust yourself and follow your instincts. We almost lost the company in 1990 due to a confluence of events beyond our control: the real-estate recession, the Gulf War and the Japanese stock market crash. I feared, at the time, that I had let my father down. Thankfully, we pulled through but not without growing pains...I hope I’ve passed on some important life lessons.” Bill also shares with his blog readers that his “biography is transparent about some of our mistakes, too.” Read more at

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