Holiday Travelers

Tips for Attracting Holiday Travelers

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Tips for Attracting Holiday Travelers


With the holiday season now in full swing, hoteliers should be thinking of creative ways to attract seasonal travelers and capture those last minute bookings.

Here are some tips to take into consideration when marketing to guests this holiday season: 

Pay attention to the travel trends

Keep up with local events and attractions in your area that travelers may be interested in. Highlighting special events, holiday festivities, and/or seasonal activities, may boost the appeal of your hotel property to online travelers. 

Also, take the time to look over guest booking data from previous years. Where did the past visitors come from? Were the majority international, local, or regional? Take this data into consideration when planning and deploying seasonal promotions and deals.

Get creative with holiday promotions & deals

The holiday season is a fun and exciting time for everyone. Be creative when developing promotional packages and deals that will entice holiday travelers.

Analyze your promotions from previous years to see what was successful and where there is room for improvement. Use this data as a base when developing new promotions.

It is important to consider your audience when creating holiday campaigns, as well. Whether its offering in-room champagne and a romantic carriage ride around the city for couples, Christmas stockings and visits with Santa for the kids, Valentine’s Day specials, Easter egg hunts for kids or family brunch, discount pricing for visitors traveling from desired locations, etc. 

Online travelers are not just looking to simply book a hotel room, but also to create holiday memories. For optimal results, make sure your promotions speak to your designated target audience. 

Hype up the holiday season

Utilize your property’s social media networks and your website to promote the holiday season. Use festive and enticing CTA’s on the home page of your website to get people excited for the planning process and promote direct bookings.

Leverage social media accounts to steadily advertise any fun, exciting holiday activities or events at your hotel and in the local surrounding areas. Tie those in with appealing holiday promotions and push them out onto all socials as well. The more exposure, the more direct bookings!

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