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EZee Simplifies India’s Personal Data Protection Bill for The Hospitality Industry

Understanding the importance and impact of India's personal datThis article was originally published on eZee Absolute blog. a protection bill on the hoteliers.
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eZee Simplifies Indias Personal Data Protection Bill for The Hospitality Industry

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This article was originally published on eZee Absolute blog.

Information privacy or data protection is a relationship between data collection and circulation. Recently, web penetration has developed exponentially resulting from new business models, startups and innovations.

Presently, there are no laws that define personal data’s use or misuse in India. For this, India acknowledged the issue of data privacy through its Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP Bill). In line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Indian government presented a draft of this Personal Data Protection Bill a year ago.

What is the Personal Data Protection Bill?

The PDP bill will help monitor how businesses store and process an individual’s data. It contains expansive rules on personal data collection, storage and handling. In addition, it includes rules on people’s consent along with an enforcement model.

One of the major differences between GDPR and PDP Bill is — The PDP bill makes sure that you store Indian citizens’ data in India only. Whereas, GDPR revolves around an individual’s right over his own personal data.

The usage of this bill will generally affect how user information is kept private and secured for both the end-users and businesses carried in and across India.

How will the PDP bill impact the Indian hospitality industry?

This will be a turning point for the hotel industry as they will NEED to identify where guest data is kept and ensure that it is protected. Besides, hoteliers NEED to use the guest information explicitly for the reason they’ve mentioned; thus leaving no chances of data misuse.

As a hospitality business owner, it will be your responsibility to store guests’ data securely thus meeting the bill requirements. Although, hoteliers need to start preparing themselves to be PDP Bill ready and ensure the absolute safety of their guests’ data.

To gain more in-depth knowledge of the bill and its impact on the Indian hospitality industry, read our blog here.

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