Atlantis, Paradise Island Tenth Anniversary Fun Facts

A One-of-a-Kind Resort with One-of-a-Kind Statistics

Atlantis Since Atlantis, Paradise Island opened ten years ago to international acclaim, the project has grown to a grand scale – 2,300 rooms spread out over 123 acres, all dramatically themed after the legend of The Lost City of Atlantis -- yielding some eye-popping numbers. Kerzner International founder Sol Kerzner’s vision created a never-before-attempted fusion of leisure, fun and spirit of a mythical place. And behind the dream realized lie some very real “eye-popping” statistics: for instance, since 1994, Atlantis has welcomed 5 million guests – more than the population of Chicago.

If you’re looking for more impressive numbers, Atlantis has them. Here’s a behind-the-scenes update of the record-breaking facts - we did the math - that add up to the world’s most unique resort:


For a decade, the 700 chefs – and 2,000 wait staff -- at Atlantis’ 35 restaurants, bars and lounges have been busy fulfilling every guest’s round-the-clock culinary whim, from gourmet feasts to deli noshes to beach snacks, serving 20,000 meals per day. Some food facts to chew on:

Days of Wine and Lobsters: Since the resort opened, guests have consumed nearly 5 million bottles of wine and 1,712,000 lobster tails.
Thirsty? No Problem: Atlantis guests have sipped more than 25 million gallons of juice and soda in ten years, cooled by 105 million pounds of ice cubes.
Burgers ‘n Dessert: Atlantis has served 12,327,640 hamburgers and 523,680 gallons of ice cream in a decade.
Really Big Breakfasts: In ten years, guests have clocked 154 miles of link sausages and 11,988,500 pounds of bacon.
Juan Valdez Works Overtime: Atlantis guests consume 120,000 pounds of coffee each year – 1,200,000 pounds to date.
… Not To Mention That Exhausted Chicken: In ten years, guests have consumed 12,327,640 eggs – 1,122,840 whole eggs and 1,483,800 pasteurized eggs per year.

With the world’s largest open air marine environment – 11 million gallons -- a staff of 60 keeps more than 200 species of marine life happy and healthy while making a valuable ongoing contribution to the world’s marine research.

Make Mine Sushi: To keep Atlantis’ 50,000 fish and sea creatures from dining upon one another, each day more than 1,300 pounds of restaurant-quality seafood are hand-prepared – 4,745,000 pounds consumed in ten years.
But Don’t Forget the Vegetarians: Atlantis’ sea turtle population goes through eight cases of lettuce each week – 4,160 cases to date.
Baby Boom: In ten years, Atlantis has welcomed 207 Eagle and Southern Stingrays, and 190 Nurse and Caribbean Reef Sharks into the family. Since its opening in 1994, 37,457 fish have been born in the Marine Habitat … and probably a few more as you’re reading this.
Riveting Rose: The Western Hemisphere’s only Manta Ray in captivity, Rose, with a 10-foot wing-span, is a graceful guest favorite. Her predecessors – Oscar (the first Manta Ray ever in captivity), then Bubbles -- each outgrew the Habitat over the years and were successfully released back into the wild via helicopter airlift.

Among Atlantis’ 6,000 employees, more than 800 cleaning personnel work behind the scenes to keep the dream shining.

Lords of the Laundry: Since 1994, Atlantis’ hardworking laundry staff has cleaned 109,500,000 pounds of bed sheets (@30,000 pounds a week), 21,900,000 pool towels (@6,000 every day), and 13,200,000 pounds of dirty guest laundry (@1,100,000 pounds a month)
… And Queens of Clean: Housekeeping has supplied guests with 2,600,000 bars of soap (@5,000 a week).

· Atlantis, Paradise Island is the second largest employer in The Bahamas, second only to the Government.

· Since 1994, Kerzner International has contributed more than $10 million to local charities (more than 60 have received Kerzner Community Service Awards), The Bahamas’ community, sports and health groups, and has allocated more than $1.2 million to local parks.


When the $800 million Atlantis Phase III expansion is completed in two years, 3,000 new employees and 1,500 new guest rooms will be added to the Atlantis, Paradise Island family, bringing the world’s most intriguing destination resort to 3,800 rooms and 9,000 employees to keep the myth alive!

About Atlantis, Paradise Island

Atlantis, Paradise Island is a unique vacation destination, which celebrates the wonders of the sea and is inspired by the myth of the lost continent of Atlantis. The resort features 2,300 guest rooms; 35 restaurants, bars and lounges; an entertainment center with an innovatively designed casino; an impressive collection of luxury boutiques and shops: and extensive meeting and convention facilities, including the largest ballroom in the Caribbean.

The resort offers the largest marine habitat in the world – second only to Mother Nature. There are 50,000 live sea animals in exhibit lagoons and displays including The Dig, a maze of underwater corridors and passageways providing a journey through ancient Atlantis. Guests also enjoy eleven swimming areas with eleven million gallons of fresh and saltwater swimming pools; amazing water slides hidden in life-sized Mayan ruins, as well as other gentler water rides; cascading waterfalls; and a seemingly endless stretch of beach that has been called the most beautiful in the world.

Aside from the Sports Center, guests also have easy access to championship golf at the nearby Ocean Club Golf Course. The 63-slip Marina at Atlantis accommodates luxury yachts up to 200 feet in length. For young guests, the Discovery Channel Camp at Atlantis – developed in partnership with The Discovery Channel - is a revolutionary concept in educational and entertaining children’s vacations.

For further information about Atlantis, Paradise Island; telephone 954-809-2000, or visit on-line at For reservations, call your travel agent or 800-ATLANTIS.

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