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Abelow PR Recommends Online News Exposure: Provides Strong ROI at Modest Budgets

Hotel companies are contemplating ways in which they can ride out the recession, some grasping at straws. Slashing their marketing budgets is a knee jerk response of many companies and 'while understandable, not wise,' according to Lorraine Abelow of Abelow PR (, an agency that specializes in representing companies big and small from Four Seasons Hotels to Hilton International.

Abelow Public Relations She says PR agencies that specialize in online media relations can navigate these troubled waters by raising your visibility on the web and driving traffic to your site. Abelow PR is one agency that is on the cutting edge of Internet marketing and has an arsenal of cost-effective tactics that will bring new customers and raise awareness all for a modest cost. ROI is clearly demonstrated through the firm's sound practices. One client reached over 130 million people in its target market, for a PR campaign that have cost over $4 million had it been purchased as advertising. The program cost less than $100,000 per year, and companies with budgets as small as $5,000 saw immediate results.

Engaging a PR firm during an economic downturn will differentiate the brand from the competition and get the phone ringing. "Studies have shown that those companies that invest in aggressive PR campaigns during a recession will come out ahead of the pack when the economy turns around," according to Ms. Abelow, who has 25 years of travel PR experience and has been active in Search Engine Optimization and Online PR for the past decade. "There are ways to be creative in marketing your company and grow your business organically on a modest budget through sound digital PR techniques that work -- quickly too," explains Ms. Abelow. Traditional PR tactics can be utilized at the same time, she says.

These initiatives will enable the company to move up on the Google! listings. "You want to be on the top of page one of Google's organic listings on the left, not the paid or "sponsored links" on the right," says Ms. Abelow. The "organic listings have tremendous credibility and drive traffic to your website."

Public relations agencies such as Abelow PR can secure coverage in online news sites like or, which can reach millions, as well as outlets like and, which reach the market extensively. Another essential vehicle of a public relations firm that is savvy in web marketing is to imbed search terms in their client's press releases related to a company's particular niche in the marketplace and set up and write content for RSS feeds providing a steady stream of new data for the search engines to index your site. Also blogging can be useful for some properties. There are a range of online approaches available, and a tailored program can be designed based on the budget and goals, she says.

Abelow explains: "Online PR is an essential method in garnering business by edging out the competition in a challenging playing field."

Recessions are a natural part of the economic cycle and difficult as it might be, hotel managers and owners should try not to react by cutting out the very tools that could help keep their heads above water. PR agencies that aggressively secure prominent exposure both on the webwill put you in the forefront of the playing field now and in a desirable position when the storm is over.

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