Through the Eyes of a Hotel Butler: Small Details: Big Degree of Difference - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

A lot is being discussed of the experience as key differential element in the hotel market. The present trend is no longer competing with the product but what the guest experienced during his stay. That is to say, although all hotels offer rooms, restaurants, spas, business centers, bars, etc. the difference is established by the way the guest perceives and feels the services rendered.

HTrends Presently service should no be assessed only as a way to satisfy the guest functional needs, but to fulfill his emotional wishes. As a human being the guest is avid of emotional incentives (as all of us) to the point that in life we pay to obtain emotions: go to the cinema or the theatre, to dance, or to a restaurant to enjoy a good meal. Hence, we might say that when making a hotel reservation, the guest in a way is also looking for emotions conveying positive, unique and unforgettable experiences.

Thus, at the time to offer and carry out a service we should bear in mind not only the following three important points:

1. What he wants?

2. How he wants it?

3. When he wants it?

but also take into account:

1. What does he feel or what the service impress upon him?

2. How to achieve it?


The HOW is essential for the WHAT in order to be successfully obtained.

The HOW in service has an allay of invaluable worth: THE DETAIL.

What detail means? As per dictionary definition, the detail is no more than a small part of a bigger one, or fragment. If we are talking about service, detail is consequently a not less important part of it.

According to my experience, DETAIL in a service is a way, par excellence, to differentiate services of equal range and thus, emphasize the quality of same, i.e.: in a breakfast service, the traditional menus are usually offered, although other hotels treat the guest with a glass of champagne. Sometimes children are entertained with small notebooks and color pencils to engage them in other activities and let the parents quietly enjoy the dinner: small details.

The emotional value of service for the guest can be enhanced if we can personalize the detail, that is to say, HOW we offer the detail, in a way he perceives it as HIS DETAIL. No doubt, this arise positive emotions and feelings in the guest.

The personalization of the detail is only possible through a personalized relational service (PRS) , that is to say, establishing interactions and relations with the guest. These actions will allow us to get differential data and thus, to be able to adequate the detail to his emotional needs leading the guest to be identified with the rendered service.

For example, in the guest birthday the hotel treat him with a birthday cake decorated with the colors of his football team. Also when entering the bedroom a guest notices that the flower arrangement includes roses in his preferred color: small details.

When designing a hotel service, detail has to be taken into account; to make a difference regarding the other services and also, facilitate the possibility of being personalized.The personalized detail must be easily repeated during all the guest future stays as he will incorporate it to his emotional needs. The personalized detail is a way to raise the value of the guest making him feel different and special.

Osvaldo Torres Cruz
Hotel Butler

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