The Wait is Over: TeleAdapt Announces MediaHub HD(TM) is Now Shipping

New MediaHub HD Features a Single HDMI Cable Connection to the TV and Bluetooth(R) for Wireless Audio Streaming, a First in In-Room Entertainment

TeleAdapt TeleAdapt's mission to keep hotel guests connected entered a new generation last week as they officially announced that their new MediaHub HD is now available for purchase, in mass production and fulfilling orders. Plus, the MediaHub HD Stereo Bluetooth function is fully compatible with the recently released Apple iPhone OS 3.0 for wireless audio streaming.

MediaHub HD is the answer to personalized in-room entertainment. The new entertainment panel gives hotel guests the ability to experience their music, photos, videos and other multi-media content from their own personal portable electronics devices through the hotel room's flat screen HDTV. MediaHub entertainment panels moves that content from their smart phones and laptops to the big screen.

With Stereo Bluetooth technology, hotel guests can wirelessly stream audio from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or other A2DP-enabled smart phones and computers such as the Palm Pre or Nokia N97, through the in-room TV speakers or stereo without leaving the device tied to the connectivity panel, a first in in-room technology.

'The demand over the past year has been intense and now the wait is over,' said Brown. 'We are fulfilling orders for the MediaHub HD to hotels all over the world who want to bring their hotel rooms to life with cutting-edge in-room entertainment technology.'

Currently, there are no other options available for hotels as simple as MediaHub HD for wireless connectivity. Brown explains: 'Media connectivity used to be plug and play. Now it's just play!'

MediaHub HD also features a single HDMI back-end cable, which means only a single HDMI port is required on the TV and installation is notably simplified and less expensive.

'MediaHub HD works with any TV and/or video system with an available HDMI port,' reports Colin Corby, technical director for TeleAdapt. 'Interoperability is not an issue with this new product.'

More and more hotel guest are checking in with their own in-room entertainment, including downloaded music and video and web-based content. Demand for in-room entertainment 'their way' is intensifying. Hotels agree: a recent American Hotel & Lodging Association report ranks in-room entertainment number two in hotel amenity importance by hoteliers, just after Wi-Fi availability.

'The MediaHub HD's single-HDMI cable connection to the TV means installation is less expensive and the Bluetooth feature has that 'wow-factor' guests are willing to pay for,' continues Brown. 'Plus, Apple's inclusion of the A2DP, or advanced stereo audio profile, on the new iPhone OS 3.0 makes the MediaHub HD an even more solid in-room technology investment for hoteliers.'

TeleAdapt helps properties around the world bring their hotel rooms to life by freeing the guest from headphones and small screens during their stay, enhancing their overall in-room experience.

For more information on TeleAdapt's MediaHub HD and their other connectivity devices for the hospitality industry, please visit or call (877) 835-3232.

About TeleAdapt's MediaHub HD
TeleAdapt's MediaHub HD provide easy-to-use audio/video connection ports to seamlessly turn the hotel room television and surround sound into a personal viewing screen/sound system. Specifications include:
Ports: Composite audio/video, S-video, mini-stereo jack, VGA (RGB), HDMI, USB (5v) power, Bluetooth pairing (for wireless audio). Optional ports: two power outlets (US or International available), RJ45 Internet jack
Passive Mode: Input switch to TV-HDMI via channel roster or input button on TV remote
Auto-Switching Mode: MediaHub auto senses portable device upon plug-in and switches TV input accordingly to play content.
(Requires serial connection to the TV. Compatible with certain TV models only.)
Requirements: Available HDMI port on TV, power source
Desktop or wall-mount options
Variety of bezel shapes and finishes
Dimensions: MediaHub HD - 7.28' x 2.79' (185 x 71mm); Dimentions with Power Extender - 14.764' x 3.3' (375 x 84 mm)

About TeleAdapt - Keeping Your World Connected
TeleAdapt is the world's innovator in designing guestroom products that help hotels keep their guests connected. Solutions include Ethernet connectors, audio/video connectivity devices, power adapters, and consumer electronics accessories that allow travelers to make the most of their portable devices and content while traveling.

Today, TeleAdapt's guestroom connectivity solutions can be found in over two million hotel rooms worldwide. Founded in 1992 and operations in the United Kingdom; United States; Hong Kong, China; Dubai and UAE, TeleAdapt's products serve the OEM, Retail and Hospitality sectors worldwide.

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