Hospitality EBusiness Strategies to Speak at EyeforTravel’s Customer Centric Strategies for Travel 2011 in Atlanta

Chief eBusiness Strategist Max Starkov will discuss leveraging mobile technologies to engage with today’s hyper-interactive travel consumer at EyeforTravel’s Customer Centric Strategies for Travel 2011 conference in Atlanta from January 26-27. The event is now in its 4th successful year and attracts a large, high-level audience for insightful presentations and debate.

HeBS digital Chief eBusiness Strategist Max Starkov of Hospitality eBusiness Strategies (HeBS), the leading Internet marketing firm for the hospitality industry, will speak during the session, “Leverage Mobile Technology to Engage with a Virtually Unlimited Audience” at the EyeforTravel Conference: Customer Centric Strategies for Travel 2011 in Atlanta this January.  The two-day conference will investigate best practices in customer-centric strategies to drive real engagement, loyalty and maximum profits. Participants will attend a wide range of challenging sessions lead by experts in travel-related fields.

Starkov, along with Jared Miller, Senior Director of Customer Self Service for Continental Airlines, will explore these crucial topics regarding mobile technology: 

  • Which possibilities do mobile devices offer over traditional CRM systems?
  • What are best practices for engaging, retaining and seducing a vast and growing customer base with mobile?
  • How do businesses harness mobile for ”customer recovery” and boost ancillary revenues with highly personalized mobile offerings?
  • How can great mobile websites and functional applications keep customers happy and loyal?
  • How can mobile marketing strategies be integrated with existing CRM and Marketing strategies for a 360 multidimensional approach?
According to Starkov, “The evolution of mobile continues to change the travel industry landscape. Mobile is a game changer; it stimulates the new breed of hyper-interactive travel consumers who demand immediate, anywhere and anytime information. This necessitates a change in travel marketing and content distribution, and hoteliers must be conscious of best practices to engage and reach huge audiences across multiple consumer touch points, including the mobile channel. This Eye for Travel conference brings together industry professionals at a crucial time in mobile marketing and I am excited to be a part of such an important event.”

The EyeforTravel Conference Customer Centric Strategies for Travel 2011 takes place from January 26-27, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. To read more about this conference and the event agenda, as well as a full list of guest speakers, visit the EyeforTravel website  

“We are excited to have Max Starkov, an expert in mobile marketing, on this panel,” said Marco Saio, EyeforTravel Global Events Director. “It will help our attendees immensely to hear real world examples about the intelligent use of mobile to deliver unprecedented customer service and ‘customer recovery’.”

About HeBS
Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc. (HeBS) is the industry’s leading Internet marketing and distribution strategy consulting firm for the hospitality and travel verticals. Based in New York City, HeBS has pioneered many of the "best practices" in hotel Internet marketing, website design + optimization, and direct online distribution. HeBS specializes in helping travel suppliers and hoteliers build and enhance their direct Internet marketing and distribution strategy, boost their Internet marketing presence, establish interactive relationships with their customers, and significantly increase direct online bookings and ROIs. The firm brings a unique perspective to the industry, gained through working with over 500 travel and hospitality companies including major brands, luxury and boutique hotel companies, franchised and independent hotels, resorts and casinos, convention bureaus and hotel management companies worldwide. Find out more about HeBS at  or by email at . 

About Eye for Travel:
is a media company specializing in business intelligence for the travel and tourism industry. It was started by Tim Gunstone in 1997 as part of the FC group. EyeforTravel organizes over 30 events per year globally dedicated to technology and online travel. Their flagship Travel Distribution Summits in North America, Europe, Asia and most recently India are the industry meeting places for travel e-commerce and technology executives in these regions.

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