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Travel Marketing Trends Report 2011

A survey of travel industry best practices

Wanderlust Last year, destination branding agency Wanderlust released the Travel Marketing Best Practices Assessment, a self-diagnostic tool that allows marketers to compare their strategic and tactical activity against the travel industry’s top brands. After six months of responses, Wanderlust published the results in a special edition of their online newsletter. The Travel Marketing Trends Report 2011 included statistical results of the assessment and observations on travel and tourism marketing today. Here are the first of the report’s findings.

Most travel marketers take advantage of research

The good news here is that almost 87% of the destination, resort and attraction marketers who took the survey are using research to inform their efforts. However, more than one in ten travel marketers ignore the valuable insights and benefits of qualitative and quantitative research.

The visitor database is an underutilized resource

Customer data is a rich source of insight for demographic and psychographic profiling, customer segmentation and targeted marketing all valuable tools to help attract visitors and drive conversions. Nearly 80% of the destinations who responded are missing a huge opportunity to exploit data that they already own. The 21.5% of the respondents who are leveraging the information in their visitor databases are way ahead in their marketing decision making and strategy.

Read more of Wanderlust Travel Marketing Trends Report 2011 in the Wanderlust Report, Volume 3, Number 2. Take the Wanderlust Travel Marketing Best Practices Assessment yourself:

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