May 28 2013 Webinar: Benefits of Hypoallergenic Guest Rooms

Pure Rooms: Saving Allergy Sufferers, Increasing Guest Satisfaction

EcoGreen Energy Solutions Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time: 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

Cost: FREE  

Please join EcoGreenHotel and Jeff Laster who will be discussing the advantages to hypoallergenic hotel rooms. Pure Rooms offers a comprehensive allergy-friendly guest room system through anti-mold design & high-grade air purification technology. Attendees will learn how "standard housekeeping" misses the mark with guests that have allergies or sleeping disorders.   Who Should Attend? Owners, Management Companies, General Managers, Housekeeping & Facility Directors What's This All About? This webinar will discuss the numerous benefits of hypoallergenic guest rooms.The objective of the presentation is still to educate the hotel industry on how hypoallergenic rooms are not only beneficial to guests, but also to a hotelier's bottom-line. This webinar's discussion will range from how standard housekeeping misses the mark to how improving a guest room's indoor air quality goes beyond fresheners & filters. High particulate counts, spores, dust mites, and scented cleaning products BEWARE!!! 

The Webinar is 100% FREE but space is limited.  


Jeff Laster, PURE Rooms Director of Business Development

Industry Experience:

Jeff Laster is currently the Director of Business Development at PURE Solutions N.A. where he oversees the introduction of hotels into the PURE Room system. PURE's mission is to help create healthier, fresher, cleaner indoor environments everywhere. Jeff's goal has been to showcase how cleaner indoor environments are the "next level" of going green. Prior to his position at PURE, Jeff has had a 14 year career in finance where he was an institutional broker at Gibraltar Securities (RBC Dain Rauscher) and co-founder of JeRay Trading LLC. Jeff is a native New Jerseyian and currently lived in Boca Raton, FL.

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