EcoGreenHotel Names Greg Hofstetter As Director of Development

EcoGreenHotel, the leader in Energy Efficiency Analysis and delivery of Sustainable Solutions to the hospitality industry, today announced Greg Hofstetter as Director of Development. EcoGreenHotel already established as the hospitality leader in sustainable solutions is adding Hofstetter to propel it to the next level of growth and success.

EcoGreen Energy Solutions “During our first six years, EcoGreenHotel has changed the way hoteliers in many cities manage sustainable solutions by partnering with hotel owners and management companies to support a critical resource of their operation, saving time, money and energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint,” said Scott Parisi, President of Energy Solutions. “Bringing Greg Hofstetter onto the team will allow exponentially more successful and impactful partnerships, creating positive changes for our growing customer base.”

Most recently serving as Director of TEVA Energy, Hofstetter delivered the largest solar thermal preheat system in the United States as well as many other energy solutions in hospitality. Hofstetter has also served at the executive level of hospitality companies for over twenty years at Meadowbrook Golf, LESCO and The Golf Group. Hofstetter’s proven track record of success was instrumental in his selection to EcoGreenHotel.

“Hofstetter’s experience and expertise will be a tremendous asset to EcoGreenHotel’s,” said Chris Lewis, Vice President of Energy Solutions, Operations.

“Growing promising businesses has been the most exciting and rewarding aspect of my career,” said Hofstetter. EcoGreenHotel has been remarkably impressive and I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of their growth and commitment to protecting our precious environment.”

About EcoGreenHotel:

EcoGreenHotel (EGH) provides sustainable solutions to the hospitality and commercial industries. The Energy Efficiency Analysis (E2A) leader, EGH has assisted hotels and resorts throughout North America reducing their environmental footprint through water and energy technologies. Experience combined with effective technologies, utility rebates, low interest green loan programs, grants and tax advantages allow EcoGreenHotel to support all Energy Reduction Projects that will create positive cash flow and add value to your real estate investment. For more information, call EcoGreenHotel at 1-888-229-0213 Ext. 808 or visit

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