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EcoGreenHotel Announces the Date for July's Educational Green Hotel Webinar Series

EcoGreenHotel, the leader in Energy Efficiency Analysis and delivery of Sustainable Solutions to the hospitality industry, announces the continuation of its Webinar Series; July 23, 2013, focusing on your 'Pool's Energy Savings'.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 2:00pm - 2:45pm (EDT)

Webinars Focus will be in Pool Operation - ways to reduce energy costs; Understanding why Pool Pumps are "over-sized"; Finding the dollars wasted; LED Lighting Solutions; Case Study’s & More...

Owners, Management Companies, General Managers & Facilities Directors are encouraged to attend! 

Jim Drozdowshi, Pentair Aquatic Systems will be presenting. Jim has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and joined Pentair in 1996, serving in the role of a Design & Manufacturing Engineer. Jim progressed through positions including: applications engineer, customer service and sales which has provided a wide perspective on the technology and commercial pool industry.  Jim also served on NSF Joint committees and is a member of several trade organizations for the aquatics and life support industries. Jim has vast experience in the application of Variable Speed Pump Technology and we, at EcoGreenHotel’s, are pleased to have Jim present these to you!


About EcoGreenHotel: 

EcoGreenHotel (EGH) provides sustainable solutions to the hospitality and commercial industries. The Energy Efficiency Analysis (E2A) leader, EGH has assisted hotels and resorts throughout North America reducing their environmental footprint through water and energy technologies. Experience combined with effective technologies, utility rebates, low interest green loan programs, grants and tax advantages allow EcoGreenHotel to support all Energy Reduction Projects that will create positive cash flow and add value to your real estate investment. 

For more information, call EcoGreenHotel at 888-229-0213 Ext. 808 or visit http://www.EcoGreenHotel.com.

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