Hotel Opening San Francisco

Hotel Riu San Francisco Reopens Following Renovations

RIU has invested 8 million Euros in the refurbishment of this Playa de Palma hotel which, when built in 1953, was the first in the RIU chain
Hotel Riu San Francisco
Hotel Riu San Francisco Reopens Following Renovations

RIU Hotels The renowned Riu San Francisco will reopen tomorrow to its new guests with a completely new appearance, with a contemporary image and style, after a six-month modernisation and reconditioning project. The RIU chain considers that this new image and relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal option for holidays without children, so on its reopening it will be an Adults Only hotel.

This new look is part of RIU's goal to maintain and increase the quality of its hotel accommodation, and is also part of the Playa de Palma Integrated Reorganisation Plan that aims to increase the competitiveness of tourist facilities on the island of Mallorca.

The Hotel Riu San Francisco was the RIU chain's first. This is where, in 1953, the company started to build its business and service-oriented philosophy that is now put into practice in the 100+ hotels that RIU has in 16 countries. The Hotel Riu San Francisco is in the vanguard once again, leading the process of refurbishing the tourist accommodation built in the 1960s and 1970s.

The hotel has increased its category to 4 star plus and, thanks to the extension of one of its floors, it can now offer 165 rooms, compared to 133 before renovation. Architecturally, the building has kept its layout, but there has been a comprehensive refurbishment and modernisation of all rooms and bathrooms, gardens, the sun terrace, the swimming pool, communal areas and the restaurant area. There is a new wellness zone with a gym, massage room and a small spa area.

In terms of its exterior image, the predominant colour will continue to be white, although it is now combined with the modernity of glass and steel. The main façade, symbolic of this innovation, has been finished with a large mural of organic lines; these same lines also reappear in interior areas such as the salon bar and the dining room and again on the seafront façade. In terms of interior design, the hotel has changed radically: the classical, traditional décor has disappeared, and now has a much more contemporary look with light, warm colours with touches of turquoise reflecting the colours of the Playa de Palma sea. 

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