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Vizergy® Digital Travel Marketing Works with Hotel GMs, DOSMs and ECommerce Managers; Launches Vizergy Content Test & Target

New Offering Empowers Hotels and Resorts to Increase Conversions and Direct Revenue by Personalizing Travel Shoppers’ Website Experiences

Vizergy By recognizing the industry need for more sophisticated hotel Internet marketing solutions and working with various hoteliers to gain greater insight, Vizergy made the investment to develop a dynamic new website optimization solution – Vizergy Content Test & Target.  The platform allows hotel marketers to better serve the right content, in the right place, at the right time, to deliver higher conversions and revenue.

The foundation behind the solution is straightforward.  While online travel shoppers may not understand how they receive highly optimized and personalized digital content, from imagery, to copy, to special offers – they certainly expect it.  With competing websites just a click away, and consumers’ attention spans at an all-time low, hotel marketers must quickly determine and deliver optimized experiences across their digital presence for an often diverse visitor population.

Vizergy Content Test & Target empowers hotels and resorts to personalize critical digital interactions throughout the travel shoppers’ journey, thereby increasing relevance, engagement and conversions.  Additionally, it provides measurement and optimization against key performance indicators (KPIs) relative to engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Key benefits of Vizergy Content Test & Target:

- Increase revenue and ROI by removing friction and optimizing customer experiences.

- Use testing to discover and better understand your highest value customer segments and the content each prefers.  Automatically push the winning tests.

- View test results across various KPIs to identify high value visitor segments and winning content.

- Target specific groups of site visitors with rules based on real-time data.

- Automate the targeting process, and deliver custom content based on real-time data, creating increased conversion and a reduced workload.

- Increase conversion through automated personalization that serves visitors highly relevant, dynamic content based on their specific behavior.

- Gain a deeper understanding of your visitors using a tool that is part of a holistic set of tightly integrated digital marketing solutions within the Vizergy Hotel Web Management Platform.

Key features:

- Segmentation – define segments using a broad set of variables such as environmental, behavioral, referrer and offline.

- Rules-based Targeting and Dynamic Content – use preset or customized rules to target content to specific audiences.  Use a visitor’s region – down to the ZIP code – to deliver tailored, location-related content and offers.

- Automated Behavioral Targeting and Dynamic Content – automate the targeting of content to individual visitors using a self-learning algorithmic approach.

- A/B Testing – run concurrent tests to quickly determine the best offers, messaging and content sequences.

- Multivariate Testing – discover which content combinations deliver the best results.  Understand the most impactful elements on a page and which click paths have the highest conversion.

- Targeted Site Search and Merchandising – optimize the way your visitors browse, find, compare and select your offerings and content.

- Recommendations and Cross-selling – instantly present visitors with personalized recommendations for additional items.

- Search-driven Merchandising – make suggestions and present offers to visitors based on which pages they’ve visited and which search terms they’ve used.

- Mobile Targeting – personalize your mobile experiences, and target mobile audiences to deliver relevant content.  Know where your shoppers are located, what they’re doing and what they want – so you can quickly deliver the right content to the right device at the right time.

“When it comes to maintaining an edge in an extremely competitive digital marketplace, the challenge for most hotel marketers today is converting more visitor traffic into new customers and building loyalty among existing ones,” says Paul Fraser, Vizergy’s Director of Product Development.  “Most hotel marketers know that visitors expect relevant, personalized experiences whenever they interact with their digital assets.  Some are even able to determine who their most valuable audiences are and the most effective experiences to serve them.  But, they need the ability to try out new content and offers to verify that a new approach works before committing to changing their campaign.  Knowing that website optimization is the best way to increase conversion, and that testing and targeting are the most proven methods in enhancing user experience; this program was built for hotel marketers that want a strong, sustainable optimization solution.  Even a seemingly small lift in website conversion, from 1.7%-2% (+18%) for example, can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line.”

For additional information on Vizergy Test & Target, click here.  To learn about Vizergy’s other digital marketing products and services, including the Hotel Web Management Platform, visit the company’s “What We Do” page.

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