The Robots Are Coming

Robot Butlers 'a Gimmick', Says Hotel Workers' Union - BBC

Excerpt from BBC

A US hotel chain has been criticised over its plans to introduce robot butlers to its workforce.

Starwood is currently trying out the machines with a view to using the butlers in 100 hotels across the world.

The butler is able to bring guests items such as towels and toothbrushes, freeing human staff for other activities, the company said.

But the UK hotel workers' union said the butlers were "no replacement for top quality customer service".

"With a night at one of Starwood's luxury London hotels costing around £290, the global hotel chain would do better ditching the gimmicks and investing in better pay and training programmes for its worldwide workforce," said Hugh O'Shea, a spokesman for Unite.

"Starwood Hotels' 'butler robots' are a nifty little gimmick but can't ever replace the human touch expected by discerning hotel guests."

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