Cancellation Policies

Hotel Chains Are Changing Cancellation Policies to Thwart Last-minute Deals - Mashable

Excerpt from Mashable

Companies that offer last-minute hotel deals through mobile apps have had a great 2014. They've had so much success, in fact, that big hotel chains are taking notice  and doing something about it.

Beginning Jan. 1, the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains are changing their cancellation policies. In the past, they've allowed guests to cancel a reservation up until the evening of the same day they were scheduled to check in (for example, for a Wednesday check-in, you would have until Wednesday evening to cancel). Now, the new policy will require cancellations to come before midnight the day before (for a Wednesday check-in, you would have until Tuesday before midnight to cancel).

Cancellations after that will incur a fee of one night's stay.

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