EUR Vs. GBP Hotel Price Comparison

Trivago Study Finds Hotel Prices Have Increased in Euros and Decreased in Pounds

Hotel Prices up to 21% cheaper in GBP; 15% more expensive in Euros

trivago With the pound at an eight year high against the euro, hotel search website has analysed the average cost of a hotel room in both euros and pounds. Based on the 12 most popular countries in the Eurozone, prices in July 2015 compared to July 2014 have increased in euros and decreased in pounds.

Using data from the monthly trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI), the infographic shows how travellers within the Eurozone can expect to pay up to 15 per cent more for their hotel room this month, compared to July 2014. Travellers from the UK, however, can pay up to 21 per cent less.

Infographic - EUR Vs. GBP Hotel Room Price Comparison

The country with the largest price increase in euros is Turkey, where travellers within the Eurozone can expect to pay an average of €16 more per night for their hotel room (€121 compared to €105 last year). During a 7-night stay, this translates to an extra €112. Prices in Turkey have also increased in pounds, but only by 2 per cent, translating to an extra £14 during a one week holiday.

In comparison, the country with the largest decrease in pounds is Cyprus, where hotel prices are an average of £22 per night cheaper compared to last year (£82 compared to £104). This translates to an average saving of £154 during a week long holiday. Although prices in Cyprus are also cheaper in euros, this only translates to an average savings of €98 (£69) during a 7-night stay.

In general, there is a percentage difference of 12 or 13 per cent between the percentage difference in pounds and the percentage difference in euros, when comparing July 2015 to July 2014. This means that UK holidaymakers are paying 12 to 13 per cent less than their European counterparts, taking into account the exchange rate this year compared to last.

Denise Bartlett, UK Public Relations: “By putting the price difference in euros next to the price difference in pounds, the potential savings for British holidaymakers this summer are really highlighted. While the vast majority of the 12 most popular countries in the Eurozone have decreased in pounds, the hotel prices for each country (excluding Cyprus) have increased in euros.

In France, for example, prices are 11 per cent cheaper for British holidaymakers, but 1 per cent more expensive for Eurozone travellers compared to last summer. In Spain, prices are

10 per cent more expensive for European holidaymakers, but 2 per cent cheaper for visitors coming from the UK. While hopefully this will not deter European holidaymakers from travelling this summer, British holidaymakers should make the most of this opportunity to visit countries within the Eurozone.”

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