U.S. Lodging Tax

HVS Publishes the 2015 Lodging Tax Report - USA

The fourth annual edition provides lodging tax rates/collections in all 50 US states and across 150 US cities.

HVS HVS Convention, Sports, & Entertainment Facilities Consulting (HVS CSE) is pleased to announce the release of its fourth annual Lodging Tax Study – USA, which explores the current status and historical trends in the imposition of lodging taxes in the United States.

This annual report provides the most comprehensive information on lodging tax rates levied at the state, county, city and special district levels, and the collection and distribution of revenue from lodging taxes levied in all 50 states and the 150 largest cities in the United States. A detailed list of recent and scheduled rate changes accompanies the findings.

The report documents the industry’s continued recovery from the Great Recession. Six years after the downturn, nearly all states have recovered to pre-recession revenue levels, but a significant number of cities (46) have not yet recovered,” says Tom Hazinski, Managing Director of HVS CSE.

The 2015 Lodging Tax Study - USA provides a valuable source of comparative information for destination marketing and sales organizations, and hotel sales managers. As cities compete for price-sensitive hotel business, lodging tax rates have become an important factor in consumer choice; city rates range from 8% to over 19% of total lodging costs. HVS also compares excise taxes on lodging transactions charged by selected cities or special districts. A new feature in the report this year, is a review of Airbnb’s impact on lodging tax revenue collections in selected cities, as well as an indication of the overall impact of Airbnb on the industry as a whole.

For this study, HVS has used comprehensive annual financial reports, annual adopted budgets, revenue reports, media sources, and interviews with government finance officials to determine the tax rates and amounts of lodging tax collections at the state, county, city and special district levels. This data collection effort allowed HVS to rank the 150 largest cities in the United States according to the total lodging tax rates in their urban center.

The complete 2015 Lodging Tax Study - USA is available at no cost in the HVS Library. Click here to download.

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