Hotel Cancellation Fees

Could Hotel Cancellation Fees Be On The Rise? - BoardingArea

Excerpt from BoardingArea

The hotel industry has been doing quite well overall, with pretty high occupancy and room rates across most regions. Of course they’re always aiming to do better, and earlier this year we saw some of the major chains implement new policies to deal with room cancellations.

It started with Marriott, which earlier this year implemented a new global cancellation policy, whereby you have to cancel your stay by 11:59PM the day before arrival in order to avoid a cancellation fee. At the time, ~75% of Marriott hotels let you cancel stays until the day of arrival, so it was a pretty negative change for many members.

It’s always interesting to look at the ways in which the hotel chains are innovating. A policy change on the part of one hotel chain can quickly lead to industry wide-change, as we’ve seen with Delta, United, and American all copying one another (or really just United and American copying Delta).

It looks like Hilton is experimenting with changing their cancellation fees in quite a drastic way,whereby they’re charging $50 for any changes after booking, even on flexible rates.

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