The 2016 Smart Decision Guide To Hospitality Revenue Management

Hospitality Revenue Management: New EBook Helps Decision Makers Ask the Right Questions

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Hoteliers naturally want to ensure that any technology investment they make will ultimately drive increased financial success. On that basis, the business case for upgrading to next-generation revenue management capabilities tends to be one that is easy to make.  

But which solution is the right one for the organization? By asking the right questions, decision makers can quickly rule out some options while narrowing down others. Just as the buying considerations are bound to vary depending on property size, category and other factors, so, too, are the 'must-ask' questions.  

In fact, even hotels within the same category or typology (e.g., single-property luxury beach resorts) often have different customer demand patterns, different profile mixes, different room inventory and different ancillary revenue streams. The information they will want to ascertain from solution providers is therefore also likely to vary amongst them. That said, they are also likely to have many questions in common.  

Published last month, and now available for complimentary download, The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management includes questions that decision makers may wish to explore to help ensure that, once implemented, the solution will give them a leg up in being able to better identify patterns, forecast demand changes, make rapid and accurate pricing decisions, and so on, leaving no doubt that the investment was money well spent. 

Among the key takeaways of The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management are insights for evaluating and selecting the right solution and/or services in the context of a hotel or resort’s specific needs. It also includes practical advice for putting the right organizational resources, business processes and performance metrics in place to help ensure continuous performance improvement.

The research is based on data collected from 137 qualified survey respondents across different geographies, different types of lodging properties and different levels of the organization. The content was independently produced, providing for unbiased, fact-based information. The following industry leaders participated in underwriting its distribution: DuettoIDeaS (a SAS company)InforRainmaker and RateGain.

The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hospitality Revenue Management can be accessed here.

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