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Hospitality Training Techniques In The Era Of Social Networking (A Podcast) - By Doug Kennedy

On this episode of Hospitality Academy, Doug shares how the need for training has evolved over the years, whether or not in-house training is effective in his experience and if online training can take over the traditional model (and if it should).

Doug Kennedy

With the proliferation of online guest reviews and social media postings, the service provided by your front of the house team has a direct impact on the buying decisions of future guests. 

In this complimentary podcast, which is provided by The Hospitality Academy, Doug Kennedy addresses questions such as: How has the need for hospitality training changed in the era of social networking?  How effective is the existing hospitality training out there and what can be done to further improve it?  Are the training needs of the Millennial generation that much different from those before them such as Gen X-ers and Baby boomers?  How effective is the medium of online learning for the topic of hospitality?  Given the time constraints of hotel operations, how can managers make time for hospitality training? 

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