Driving Brand Awareness And Bookings Without Driving Up Commissions

How COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach Broke Into a New Market & Away from the Pack - By Catlyn Origitano

COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach Hotel - Pool
How COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach Broke Into a New Market


South Beach, Miami is known for great beaches and even greater parties. This is the area that makes Spring Break famous and it’s also, therefore, littered with hotels catering to the young party audience. But COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach is not one of them.

COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach’s amenities set it apart from the rest on the block. A gin bar, staffed by South Beach’s best mixologists, targets a refined palate. Their COMO Shambhala Urban Escape is a luxury wellness spa, full of amenities: a steam room, hydrotherapy pool, and massages—everything necessary for beachside relaxation. The Traymore restaurant, located within the hotel, offers organic Florida produce from land and sea. Needless to say, COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach is a cut above the rest.

While their unique and luxurious offerings are certainly a boon to their customers, finding in-market travelers for their South Beach location was a challenge. Thibaut Asso, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach, remarks, “Our target is couples that are an older demographic for this area. More late 20’s to early 30’s and up. We rarely get the bachelorettes or party crew.”

He continues, “Our property is very different than most Miami hotels. We are a more relaxed environment. We provide a place for people to relax and get away from the madness of South Beach or Miami. Guests come here for peace and quiet.”

Connecting guests who are looking for properties like COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach with the property directly can be a challenge. Add in being new to the market, and lacking a large marketing budget or team, and doing so can be an uphill battle.

COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach is new to the South Beach scene and needed to make a name for themselves. They turned to Sojern to raise brand awareness without raising commissions.

Sojern used COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach’s unique messaging, branding, and images to create custom ads. Backed by 350 million traveler profiles and 1 billion travel intent signals, Sojern places COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach’s ads in front of their in-market customers. Travelers, then, book directly on COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach’s sites.

What’s even more unique about the partnership with Sojern is the structure. Thibaut explains, “Everything I’ve done in the past was more pay-per-click. I’ve received proposals in the past where you go to their website and then they link directly to our website. But we decided not to work with any of those companies because we can’t see what they are bringing to us. With Sojern we can see our return on investment.”

Because Sojern’s partnership is performance-based, Thibaut and COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach could be sure they’re driving brand awareness and bookings without driving up commissions. More direct bookings also means more upselling: guests who are already looking for relaxation are being sold on massages, poolside juices, and long lunches at the hotel’s restaurant. By partnering with Sojern, COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach has been able to enter into a new, contested market, find their ideal travelers, and break free from the party pack.

If you’re looking to drive direct bookings without driving up your commissions, connect with Sojern today!

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