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Nobu Hotel Miami Beach - Miami Beach Hotspots Project to Extend Beach Nearly 200 Feet

Miami Beach Hotspots Project
Miami Beach Hotspots Project

Nobu Hospitality

Nobu Hotel Miami Beach announced the completion of the mobilization phase of the $12 million Miami-Dade County Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection Project, which will add an additional 200 feet to Nobu Hotel Miami Beach's shore.

Also known as the Miami Beach Hotspots Project, the mobilization and staging periods of Phase I took place on the 4400-4700 blocks of Collins Avenue on 46th Street. Nobu Hotel Miami Beach is delighted to see the beach come back to life with the completion of this phase, which includes fencing, required signage and equipment, and the delivery of an estimated 5,000 tons and 300 truckloads of sand per day.

The multi-million dollar project is led by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Jacksonville District and will help recover the impacts of coastal erosion by adding nearly 200 feet of beach to the tourist hotspot. The Renourishment Project is vital for protection from storm surge in the event of a hurricane, protection of vegetation and wildlife such as sea turtles and shorebirds, and maintaining the thriving tourism economy in the area.

The Renourishment Project will provide 220,000 cubic yards of beach-quality sand from a sand mine near Lake Okeechobee on more than 3,000 feet of eroded shoreline along 46th Street and 54th Street. Construction for Phase I will take place on the 4400-4700 on 46th Street and on blocks 5300-5500 on 54th Street for Phase II. The completion of Phase I is scheduled for November 09, 2016; Phase II is set to be completed by spring 2017. 

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