The Robots Are Coming

The Future Hotel Room Is Already Here: Meet Your Robot Butlers and Mechanical Mini-Bar - Fortune

Excerpt from Fortune

The seemingly unstoppable rise of tech-driven home-sharing behemoth Airbnb has put the hotel industry on high alert. To differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded field, hoteliers are tweaking offerings with their own Silicon Valley wizardry.

For the tech companies, it's an extension of their brand. Not only do they expand their customer base into the commercial world, but they can reach a new subset of potential residential buyers who experience the product in carefully orchestrated conditions at no cost.

Hotels? They're able to play up the luxury aspects of the technology, do away with inconveniences customers have gotten used to over time, and update an old-school business model.

Curious about what you'll find in the hotel of the future? Here's what a few hospitality establishments are installing today.

1. Get to your hotel room and touch your phone to the pad on the door to unlock it.

Smart phones have the potential to do away with one of the biggest pain points of staying in a hotel: Opening your room's door. Several chains, including Marriott, Starwood and Hilton, have select locations that let you use your phone (or smart watch) as a digital room key. Touch your device to the pad on the door and you're in.

2. Say “Alexa, turn on the lights.”

Every guest at the Wynn Las Vegas will have their own digital assistant by this summer. The hotel is installing Echos in all of its 4,748 rooms, allowing guests to control room lights, the thermostat, drapes, and the in-room television via voice commands. Other services, says CEO Steve Wynn, will be rolled out in the future.

3. Switch on the “Do Not Disturb”…app.

Las Vegas' Aria Resort & Casino has introduced Control4 technology that lets guests control the curtain, climate, lighting and the room's "Service Please" signs from a tablet. Guests can also can arrange for wake-up alarms that also open the curtains and turn on the TV.

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