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Why I'll Always Choose Hotels Over Vacation Homes - kitchn

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When I had kids, I was told my longstanding relationship with hotels was over. So long, lavender-scented cold towels! Bye-bye, crisp sheets! See ya, infinity pool! Arrivederci, lobby bar of my dreams! It was nice knowing you. Based on the advice of many parents I know, vacation homes seemed to be the only option in the 2.0 version of my life. "When you have a family, it's just easier with a kitchen, you'll see," they told me.

Yet, having experienced both lodging types with kids, I don't "see." Seriously, why do I "need" a kitchen on vacation? So I can grocery shop? So I can cook? So I can wash dishes? So I can clean countertops? Just, no.

While I do like the immersive local experience and neighborhood feel that vacation homes offer, I'm not sold on them unless I'm going to stay awhile (as in, longer than a month). Re-enter hotels. I heart them — even with young kids in tow — and here's why.

1. Hotels don't (usually) have kitchens.

I know, I know — kitchens are the reason most mamas prefer vacation homes, but if I'm going to pack up my life and hop on a plane, I want a hint of catered. I don't need five stars or white-glove service, but I still enjoy a pampered experience, a fizzy welcome bevvie, and someone to offer me snacks at the pool — especially if I'm traveling with kids.

For this reason I choose hotels in all their plush, non-kitchen glory. Even if I don't use the rental kitchen, it's there, reminding me of home (and cooking and cleaning). And isn't that what I'm trying to escape?

(Plus, I can always stock my mini-bar with a few of my favorite bites.)

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