Hotel PMS On Mobile Phones

Hotel PMS on Mobile Phones is a Reality at the Dreamy Weissenhaeuser Strand Seaside Resort - By Stacey Truman

Weissenhaeuser Strand Seaside Resort - Beach
Weissenhaeuser Strand Seaside Resort

Oracle Hospitality

Weissenhaeuser Strand is a wistful seaside resort on the Baltic Sea which serves as a premiere German holiday destination. This resort has everything you could ever want! 1,200 rental units provide guests with holiday homes that range up to three-story houses in addition to a beachfront hotel. The resort, which is as big as 100 soccer fields, offers various restaurants, shopping, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and pool area in addition to mini-golf, archery, surfing, wakeboarding and water skiing. The beach is even dog friendly!

With such large area to cover, Managing Director, David Depanau, wanted to ensure his 500 employees were as efficient as possible – wherever they are. “We decided to use Oracle Hospitality Hotel Mobile to save time. We use it in the front office, maintenance and housekeeping and we love it because the whole PMS data is in the system,” and is accessible on the staff’s phones or tablets.

As you can imagine, it’s quite a popular destination. Weissenhaeuser Strand wanted to provide the best experience possible for guests from arrival all the way through checkout. Martina Lorenzen, Yield Director, Weissenhaeuser Strand, explains, “During high seasons, we sometimes have 300-400 check-ins per day. Using Oracle Hospitality’s Hotel Mobile application, we can avoid the queues, checking in guests in the car as they arrive, in their bungalow or anywhere on property.” What a great first impression!

Staff love how Hotel Mobile has optimized Weissenhaeuser Strand’s maintenance and housekeeping operations. Housekeepers can take a quick photo of anything needing repair on their phone within the system and maintenance makes the repair before a guest even gets to the room. Housekeepers who previously had to print lists and update the PMS system manually, are now completely automated. They eliminated paperwork, and now enjoy time savings of one hour per person per day.

Speeding up the checkout process allows the guest to enjoy the resort, being fully checked out once they return their key, with absolutely no waiting it line!

It all sounds amazing… hear Weissenhaeuser Strand’s story in their own words…watch the video here.

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