Manipulating Star Ratings

Hotel Booking Site Admits Manipulating Star Ratings to See If Customers Will Pay More - BoardingArea

Excerpt from BoardingArea admits listing the Hudson Hotel in New York more than once under slightly different names with different star ratings, to see whether customers bookings would be any different.

Although the hotel says the prices should have been the same, reports are that when listed as a four star property it was several dollars more expensive per night than when listed as a three star property. may have charged some customers more even when they were listing the same hotel at a lower price. won’t say how many people this happened to, or how long they were running the test for.

When asked about the discrepancy, said:

“This hotel is currently part of a test looking at how different star ratings affect guest bookings and guest experiences. It is the same hotel, you are correct. The different prices reflect the different star rating they are listed with.


“If you wish to make a booking, please choose the one which suits your needs better. You will pay the price it says on your confirmation email.”



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