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Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast: How To Make Your Hotel Website More Effective By Answering Questions


Why do hotels need a website? Essentially, your website’s job is to close the uncertainty gap, which results in the casual shopper becoming  a customer. In order to close the uncertainty gap, your website must anticipate and answer questions that the shopper is likely to have during the research and purchase process.

So, why do the vast majority of shoppers not convert to bookers? Conversion rate on a leisure hotel’s website can be 1-5%. Meaning between 95-99% of website visitors are not booking online during that session.

If you answer the shoppers questions effectively, you will likely see your conversion rate increase and the number of phone calls you receive decrease. The people who come to your site are obviously interested in your offering.  It’s your website’s job to nurture those shoppers into bookers.

In this episode of the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, we look at the questions that your hotel website should be answering in order to help your website visitors become loyal guests.

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