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Two Data-Driven Strategies to Drive Guest Retention - By Marissa Rasmussen

We've released a new eBook with Siteminder focusing on how hoteliers can use data to improve strategies all over your business. Here we focus on using your data to drive guest retention.
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Data-Driven Strategies to Drive Guest Retention


Sojern recently partnered with SiteMinder to deliver the ultimate guide about using data made specifically for hoteliers to drive more direct bookings and revenue. One of the major topics in this collaborative eBook, How Hoteliers Can Use Data to Drive More Revenue, is leveraging  your hotel’s data create loyal guests, improve guest retention, and increase profitability. Here is a preview of two of the ways to do just that:

1. Drive guest retention with data-driven upselling. 

A huge benefit of direct bookings is the data you receive about your guests. By obtaining contact information, demographic data, and individual guest preferences, you can create a continued communication for a longer guest/provider relationship, as well as engage with guests in a much more meaningful way.

COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach does a great job of data-driven upselling by using pop-ups for offers at specific points on their website. In the below image you see that as you hit the spa section of their website, a unique special comes up offering an additional night free and mentioning their spa offerings, that you are currently viewing. Making specials dependent on where someone is on their website is a great way be more data-driven in your upselling.

Screenshot - COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach website


Information about your guests gives you the opportunity to offer a better experience and improve your bottom line by upselling products or packages your guests would be interested in.

2. Personalization is key to building brand loyalty.

In this day and age, your guests don’t just want personalization; they expect it. One guest may want to know when a room upgrade is available and is happy to pay the difference. Another guest may like to add dining or a spa appointment to their room charge. If you don’t use your data to understand who would want which offer and when, you risk missing out on ancillary revenue and improving their experience with you.

A simple and inexpensive way to deliver personalization is through your social media channels. PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn does a great job connecting with guests one to one so that their individual guests feel cared for.

Screenshot - PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn promotion

This post is powerful because it demonstrates that the property cares about their guests on a personal level, while also promoting their Inn as a wedding venue. 

The more you know about your guests, the better experience you can provide them. For more data-driven strategies to retain guests as well as find new ones, download the eBook: How Hoteliers Can Use Data to Drive More Revenue.

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Marissa is Sojern's Content Marketing Associate. Indulging in her inner bookworm, watching HGTV, and playing with her puggle, Charlie, are among some of her favorite hobbies. Although she loves both, she prefers the beach over the mountains.

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