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Inspired, Efficient Hotel Design with Innovative, Mobile Technology - That’s Cabinn Hotels - By Stacey Truman

Oracle Hospitality

Inspiration can strike anywhere.  For entrepreneur, Niels Fennet, it was on a family vacation.

27 Years ago, while Niels was traveling with his family from Denmark to Norway on the ferry, he was impressed by the efficient and effective ferry cabin design.  The cabin offered an innovative use of space while providing everything the guest needed.  Niels took this concept and created Cabinn Hotels, a Danish low-cost hotel chain, with four different levels of cabin-style guest rooms.  

A Cabinn Hotel signCabinn’s efficient low-cost offering appeals to a wide variety of customers, including businesspeople, millennials, families, and backpackers among others.  Cabinn now has 10 properties across Denmark and continues to expand.

It’s not surprising that Cabinn also took an innovative approach to technology. 

Cabinn used Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA Hosted Service and enjoyed the benefits of having the latest functionality through automatic patches without dedicating IT resources for system and server maintenance.  When OPERA Cloud Service launched, Cabinn quickly adopted it to enable a truly mobile solution at its properties.   Mobility makes it possible for Cabinn to check in its guests from anywhere, improving its overall customer service experience.

“Now you actually can have your PMS system in your pocket on a phone or tablet,” said Cabinn’s CIO Teit Vangsgaard Sonne.

As Cabinn started implementing OPERA Cloud in its hotels, Sonne was pleasantly surprised by the uptime.  “The implementation with Opera Cloud went very well. It was much faster than we planned.  We planned two days to train the staff, and after one day they felt like home with the system.”

And as they build new hotels, they can get staff trained and using the system quickly, helping to support Cabinn’s expansion plans.

OPERA Cloud has also enabled a new level of service at Cabinn – complete mobile check-in.  “Imagine your flight has been canceled, how upset would you be if you go to the hotel and stand in line for two or three hours?   With mobile check-in, our guests can check in at the airport, in the cab, or anywhere.  So, when they arrive to the hotel, they go straight to the room using a mobile key,” shares Sonne.

Now that’s next generation customer service.

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