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3 Benefits of Advertising Your Hotel on Facebook - By Ashley Proceviat

Did you know that half of travel companies on Facebook see an increase in bookings due to their presence on the social media giant?
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3 Benefits of Advertising Your Hotel on Facebook


Now, what if hoteliers go beyond a mere presence and actively engage with travelers through Facebook advertising? The potential for hoteliers is absolutely massive. Here are three major benefits of having a concerted Facebook presence which will lead you to serve more relevant advertising and, ultimately, drive more bookings.

1. New and evolving formats allow your property to shine

Facebook is constantly coming up with new formats and updating existing ones to make them more engaging and interactive. The most recent format is the Facebook collection ad, where people can browse more products or learn more about the features of your property, all within a single format. No matter your creative budgets and assets, there is truly something for every property. 

2. Facebook provides a truly cross-device shopping experience

A full two-thirds (66%) of Facebook’s 2B monthly users are active daily. This means that over 1.3B people re-authenticate their devices each day. Because of this, Facebook has some of the most accurate cross-device capabilities. This is great news for hoteliers, as you don’t have to do anything special—the platform is inherently cross-device friendly and optimized to reach their billions of users regardless of which device they’re on. 

3. Dynamic capabilities mean that hoteliers can respond in real-time

For example, a traveler may begin searching for a Fairmont property in Chicago, and then be served an ad for their Millennium Park property. But later, the person changes his or her mind, and begins searching for trips to San Francisco. Facebook can respond to that change in intent, serving an ad for the Fairmont San Francisco, reflecting the travelers change in preference. This allows travel marketers to reach people at the right time with messaging more reflective of their intent signals, throughout the full path to purchase.

Example of Fairmont’s Facebook ads

Example of Fairmont’s Facebook ads

Sojern drove over 13,000 hotel bookings while reducing Fairmont’s overall Cost Per Booking (CPB) by $34 and their mobile CPB by $44 with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT). Download our full case study to learn more.

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