Hospitality - Hotel, Admin - Clerical, Restaurant - Food Service

Hospitality Supervisory Experience Wanted | Sales

Power of Three

Hospitality Supervisory Experience Wanted | Sales

Power of Three

Williamswood, Nova Scotia

Hospitality - Hotel, Admin - Clerical, Restaurant - Food Service

Degrees Required:
Not Specified

Employment Type:

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What specific experience are we looking for?

Have you ever worked in:

  • A restaurant

  • A bar or a club

  • Hotels

  • Retail stores or environments

  • A career that deals with customer interaction and service

Yes to any of the above? Then you have the experience we are looking for. In addition, we offer all of our new employees ongoing paid training so they have all the support and resources they need to succeed.

Why wait another day not feeling appreciated for what you can bring to a workplace, Apply TODAY to be compensated fairly tomorrow!

For Consideration: Send your resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter as soon as possible in order to be contacted immediately upon review. Candidates must be over the age of 18.

Hospitality Supervisory Experience Wanted | Sales

Have you been working at jobs that make you feel like your voice isn't being heard?

Jobs where you are not compensated fairly?

Jobs where you feel like your hard work isn't being appreciated or even remotely valued?

Do you have experience in any hospitality field?

Are you ready to make a name for yourself in Nova Scotia?

Awesome, we want to offer you the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Availability: Full Time, Part Time, Internships, Permanent & Temporary roles available

Start Date: As soon as possible

Office Location: Downtown Halifax

Here with our all new office in the heart of Halifax, Power of Three HQ is thrilled to announce our all new opening. We are looking for individuals that are tired of their monotonous careers, looking for a new opportunity, or just wanting to learn something new.

Day to Day of this all NEW Opportunity:

  • Organize team building exercises and outings in Nova Scotia

  • Generate and report sales figures to regional consultants

  • Create positive communications between customers and clients

  • Attend staff and product knowledge meetings and

  • Coach, mentor, and develop like minded individuals in the office

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