Staff Accountant and Tax Manager

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Staff Accountant and Tax Manager

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Sicklervill, NJ
Sicklerville, NJ


Degrees Required:
4 Year Degree

Employment Type:

Manages Others:


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Position Description

Accounting & Tax Manager


Position Purpose:  This position is accountable to manage client relationships within their designated section.  In this role, Accounting & Tax Managers (ATM) will represent Schwartz & Associates CPA in a professional manner and provide outstanding client service.


Position Reporting:  This position reports directly to the firm President.


Position Description & Expectations:

·         Manage Staff Accountants on issues relating to shared accounts.

·         Lead weekly staff meetings with Staff Accountants.

·         Attend weekly manager meetings with the firm President.

·         Manage section of assigned clientsÑmanagement to include but not be limited to the following:

    • The efficiency of Staff Accountant time allocated to their clients using the Task Budget to Actual report.
    • The timeliness of Staff Accountant work using the Incomplete Project report.
    • Outstanding accounts receivableÑthe production commission is based on billing. ATMs are required to make collection calls and attempt to move current check paying clients to the firm's ACH system.
    • Verifying the Staff Accountant work has been completed accurately.

·         Review monthly financial statements and proactively call clients with questions and/or issues. This is known as Meaningful Monthly Contact.

·         Represent clients in sales and income tax audits.

·         Complete tax plans and individual tax returns for assigned clients in accordance with the Individual Projection & Tax Return Checklist.

·         Complete year-end financials for assigned clients in accordance with the Year-End Financial Statement Checklist.

·         Prepare business tax returns for assigned clients in accordance with Business Tax Return Checklist.

·         Lead installation meetings to establish relationship, answer questions, and explain reporting process to newly assigned clients.

·         Assign backwork and set-up activities for new clients based on the Post Installation Checklist.

·         Follow up on client initiated questions and issues.

·         Assign all compensated time to either client projects, firm, or unallocated. Note:

o   Client time is allocated to the monthly accounting or payroll  projects as applicable. 

o   Firm time is allocated as appropriate. Examples of firm time include staff meetings, continuing education, and other activities where the firm would be considered the “client."

o   Time is assigned to “admin" to allow for any difference between time worked and time allocated to either clients or the firm. Small amounts of time spent on several clients that would be inefficient to allocate individually should be assigned to admin.

·         Complete assigned projects as appropriate.

·         Review client fees and communicate adjustment as appropriate. Fee adjustments can be communicated on a fee adjustment letter, or verbally at the ATM's discretion.

·         Continually work to improve project efficiency.

·         Complete a minimum of 120 CPE credit hours every three years.  A minimum of four (4) credit hours must be completed in the area of professional ethics.

·         When answering the telephone, convey enthusiasm and interest in the client and their reason for calling. Always make the most of a contact opportunity to build your relationship with the client.

·         Be a great team player and help out other staff members whenever possible.

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